The POLAR BEAR Multi-deployment Copter turns the battle in favor of the TRIAX forces. Using the hidden deployment bays, the POLAR BEAR carries 10 ground vehicles to the front lines and deploys all of them in seconds. The POLAR BEAR can also provide air support with 4 bombs that devastate the V-ROCS armry. Includes the specially decorated all terrain Assault Cannon. Ages 5 and up.

PKD.12 WT. 14 LBS. CUBE 1.96 CU. FT.

With Polar Bear, the V-Rocs Thunderwolf meets its match.  Its design is borrowed from US Chinook, with a size similar to Backlash. Two lateral bays, each large enough to carry 5 vehicles, can rotate to unload them. Thi mecanisme implies that, during flight, vehicles are stored vertically. Text also mentions 4 bombs which can not be seen on the pictures. The overall shape of Polar Bear achieves a good standard even if the landing gear seems a bit gross.


Polar Bear est un adversaire de taille pour le Thunderwolf V-ROCS. Empruntant son design aux Chinook américains, ce hélicoptère possède un gabarit proche de celui de Backlash. 2 berceaux latéraux permettent de stocker 5 véhicules chacun. Ils pivotent pour permettre le déchargement, leur articulation fait que les véhicules sont stockés à la verticale en vol. Le descriptif mentionne 4 bombes qui n’apparaissent pas sur la photo, tandis que train d’atterrissage semble assez basique sur le modèle.