The STRONGHOLD, the largest and the most powerful element, of the V-ROCS’ army, converts from an imposing attack vehicle to a dual sided fortress. The STRONGHOLD features pivoting cannons, telescoping gun towers, side blast shields, and a large hovercraft that is concealed in the nose of the headquarters. Comes with dedicated die cast Howitzer Transport. Ages 5 and up.

PKD. 4 WT. 12 LBS. CUBE 3.26 CU. FT

At last, Stronghold is the VROCS answer to Goliath. There are few pictures of prototypes showing that both vehicles had similar sizes. As Goliath deploys its giant tower vertically, Stronghold opens horizontally, looking like a massive armored wall. Stronghold comes with a specific smaller vehicle, a manta ray-shaped hovercraft.

At least, two copies were created. One was painted and showed in the Toy fair 1990 catalog.

The other is unpainted and may the last one still existing.

Stronghold est, enfin, la réponse V-Rocs au Goliath. Les quelques images des prototypes montrent d’ailleurs une taille relativement proche des 2 véhicules. Au contraire de Goliath qui se déploit verticalement, Stronghold s’étale à l’horizontale. Tout comme Goliath, il est accompagné d’un véhicule supplémentaire, qui être une sorte d’hovercraft au look de raie manta.

2 exemplaires, au moins ont été produits : l’un peint, affiche toute sa magnificence, dans les pages du catalogue Toy Fair 1990 :


Le second n’est pas décoré mais est peut-être le seul à avoir survécu jusqu’à ce jour.